Well, I didn’t have to take too much time in figuring out what to do. He solved it for me by giving up on me/us over something that is part of my life that he couldn’t understand.

He didn’t respond to my text after I said I couldn’t go out with him so I figured he was pissed off so I waited til after the working day the following day to see what was up. He basically said this wasn’t going to work for seeing each other every few weeks for a couple of days of happiness and we should just be friends as he didn’t think we were meant to be. I was a little shocked, but not totally surprised since I was feeling similar feelings. I said if you want to give up that fast on us I can’t stop you and I didn’t hear from him until tonight.

He texted me tonight to ask how I was and to tell me he misses me. I didn’t know how to respond to that so I really didn’t. For a guy who wanted nothing to do with me after last week sure sends mixed messages when he tells me he misses me. I’m not one to give second chances very often and I’m not going to in this case either. If he is willing to give up on me that quickly, I would be stupid to get myself wrapped up in it again. I have learned and relearned my lesson with that from past mistakes. I have to look out for me.


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