Deal Breakers

All of us have those deal breaking points in relationships where we can’t take it any more and we choose to end the relationship. I have this friend who doesn’t have a deal breaking point and she is dating the ultimate loser and has been for the last three years. I have only known her for a year and she’s been complaining about him since I have known her.

I have never met the guy, but don’t need to meet him to realize what a loser he is. He doesn’t have a car and is uninsured so she has to drive his ass all over town or he expects her to give him the keys so he can drive HER car. He doesn’t help pay for the car nor does he give her gas money. He needs a car and wants a car, but he is holding out on getting his dream car of a Honda Accord for $700. She’s going to be driving his ass around forever!

He is on probation for his second DUI, but still drinks. HER parents bailed him out the last time, but they made him go to the ATM the minute he was out of jail. He goes to classes and sees a PO who he tells he doesn’t drink and her excuse is that he doesn’t drink that much. They are both missing the point!! He works at a car wash and this is his goal for the rest of his life and he is 26 years old. That’s a dream come true for someone who wants a family someday. Also good role model for those kids someday. He has some big debts from a hospital stay and an apartment for either missed rent or damages (probably both) and his excuse for not paying them is if he doesn’t do anything it will go away. BRIGHT IDEA IDIOT! She knows she takes on that debt if they marry. This is just the tip of the ice berg of loser things he has done.

Last week we went to the mall together and I picked her up. She accidentally grabbed the keys on the way out the door and as I was looking for a parking spot she gets a call from him and she answers the phone “shit, what did I do now?” Are you kidding me? I was pissed and she is practically in tears as he is chewing her out all over 8 short blocks!! He wanted to go to his brothers instead of asking him for a ride or walking he chose to chew her out first. He got a ride from his brother and apologized later through a text. That scenario right there would have been a deal breaker for me.

She constantly makes excuses for him and his behavior. He has social anxiety disorder and depends on her for EVERYTHING. She cooks and cleans their apartment, but he constantly complains about the food she cooks. The guy can’t even cook macaroni and cheese out of a box by himself. She is dependent on him for rent because he pays most of it so she uses that as excuse for all the shit he does.

People say love is blind, but is it completely stupid too?! My god, how much can one girl put up with? She says he is her first love, but what he is doing is not love! It is control more then anything. That is something I haven’t told her yet. She cannot say no to him and quite frankly I am getting sick of hearing about all their drama. If there is one silver lining in this and it is a small one — she said if he doesn’t fix things within the next few years she’ll leave. She doesn’t want to take on his debt and mess up her credit. Her dad I know has talked to her about this as have I. She is such a pretty woman and could do so much better and I don’t know why she stays with him, but I am betting she is in it for life. I value our friendship, but one of these days he just might come between it!


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