Second Place on my Second Day

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I didn’t place second today in anything, but Dale Jr. did. That’s two weeks in a row where he has gambled on fuel to try and get that all important win and the gamble didn’t pay off. I want that win so badly for him and for him to marry me. I know a win is probably more likely then a marriage proposal from a man I have never met, but I can wait/hope for both. :)At least this week the win wasn’t dangling in front of our face only for it to get stolen. I knew he wasn’t going to win today. It’s less disappointing that way.It is day two of my journey and I am not doing well on the point system. It is currently just after 7:30 PM and I still have 17 points I need to use up. I am planning on having a Smart Ones desert later on, but that’s not going to burn up 17 points. How do people get all their points in?

I’m not much of a snacker during the day and my first meal is around noon. Never have been a breakfast person, but I might have to start changing these habits to get all my points in and for this program to work properly.

I went shopping after the race and picked up some veggies and fruit to snack on, plus some Smart One meals and desserts for days and nights I don’t feel like cooking or need something quick. I hope they taste good because I am a really picky eater. I’ll be checking out the recipes on here too. Maybe even get others to try them with me.

Workouts are going great and adding more weight each week to the universal gym. I absolutely love the invention of extension weights so I don’t have to go up 10 lbs every time the exercise gets too easy. I have two and five pound weights and they work wonders, especially for all the different arm exercises I do. I am looking to get some magnetic ones for my free weights next. I’m also making it a rule that no one pushes my chair anymore unless needed for an emergency. I’m losing out on an arm workout if someone else pushes. Need to burn the calories off when I can.

Looking forward to my first meeting tomorrow. I have a lot of questions so I hope my leader has time to answer them.


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