First Meeting, No Weigh In

I attended my first meeting last night and didn’t/couldn’t get weighed. There was no wheelchair scale. Before I joined online I called the 800 number and was
assured since we have a center that it would most likely have a scale
for me to use. My fear that they wouldn’t have one became clear very
quick. It was a little discouraging as I wanted to know where I was at.

After discussing some options with my leader she is going to make some phone
calls and see if there is a chance they can get a wheelchair scale in
our center. I know it would be a beneficial asset to the facility to
help encourage others with disabilities or limited mobility to step up
on a scale to possibly look at joining WW. In the meantime I am going to
check with the rehab units at the hospitals and see if I can check my
progress there. Even if my center can get a wheelchair scale, it is
going to take some time get there and I do want to make sure I am on the
right track as soon as possible.

I don’t know what to do about my weekly check in since I really don’t
know where I am at. Up or down since I was weighed at the Mayo Clinic last Wednesday. I’ll just leave it be until I can put a new weight in there.

The meeting was great, learned tips and tricks from veteran members on what
they do and don’t do. Finally figured out the point system and what I
can do with my extra points. Still struggling with getting all my
points in, but my leader told me to eat more at night if that is
when I am awake. You hear so many times not to eat after 8 PM, etc. etc.
etc. so I was just following that and missing out on a lot of points.
Last night I only had two remaining to eat which is way better then the
13-15 I had left over my first two nights trying WW.

I was hoping to report a loss at my first meeting, but I can’t report a
gain either so that will be my silver lining and seeing the glass half
full. I’m looking forward to this weight loss journey and it is my hope
that I can encourage others with disabilities who are struggling with
weight that they can join too.


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