The Confusion of Men

The post before this was about a guy who I thought was so sweet and took me on what I would consider probably the perfect first date. We had fun, chemistry, and we clicked really well. I was a little put off by his age and the distance (that more then the age), but he convinced he wanted to come see ME. He did and we had an awesome time. He went home that night and we followed it up with texting and he sent some very sweet texts. What girl doesn’t love waking up to “good morning beautiful” from a guy she likes. That lasted a couple of weeks and then nothing from him. 

It was only one date so I didn’t get attached and got over it pretty quickly. Yes, I did like him and wish it went further, but when communication stopped I wasn’t surprised. I’m kind of used to this thing. It’s happened more then once and it’s awful that I am used to this behavior in men. I wish they would grow up and grow a pair and tell a girl when they aren’t interested. I can handle it. The fact that I am used to it kind of puts a target on any great guy that would come into my life because I am very guarded at this point. 

I figured this guy wasn’t interested and met someone else. Well, with technology now you can find just about anyone on the internet. I didn’t know his last name, but I did remember the name of the band he was in so I checked them out on Facebook and found his profile. It didn’t take a genius to figure out he was seeing someone else since he had some hoochie in Daisy Duke shorts sprawled out on the hood of his car. 

Fast forward to the new year and guess who contacts me out of the blue? He does. He wished me a happy new year and hoped I was doing well and told me he thought about me a lot. What the hell? I haven’t heard from you since August and you decide to contact me now with you think about me a lot? What am I supposed to do with that?

I responded and our responses got a little heated, well on my part they did. I wanted to know why he was contacting me. I deserved to know that much at least. My guess was that he got dumped (the hoochie picture is now gone) and decided to come crawling back to me and see if I would take the bait. Well, I didn’t. He gave me some story about starting his new job, finding a place to live, and his grandma getting sick and eventually dying. I’m not one for excuses and even if ALL that was true — it takes less then 5 minutes to pick up a phone to text, email, or call. Unless his hands disappeared with his communication skills there is no reason not to inform someone you won’t be in contact for awhile. I would have understood that. 

Not one mention of dating anyone else, but apologized and said he was ashamed for not talking to me sooner. He was shocked that I got over our first date so fast and was dating other men. Caring stops when communication stops. It’s that simple. My walls are high and you can’t not expect me to date other men when you aren’t in the picture anymore. 

He said he wasn’t going to contact me anymore and leave me alone, but earlier tonight there was a short message from him in my Inbox. 

I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I’m more confused then anything. I think back to the guy he was when we went out. I adored that guy, but I also think of the strong girl I am and I am no one’s second choice. 

This man confuses me on what he wants from me – NOW. I wish he would just come out and tell me. It’d help me a lot.

I’m a picky girl when it comes to men and I have standards, but I also don’t put up with stupid bullshit either. I want to be happy with the man I am supposed to be with. We’ll see how this plays out. 



One response to “The Confusion of Men

  1. The same was my feeling when my gf stopped talking to me. I am in the same situation, except that i remained busy in my work and it spoiled the whole love life. I am not dating anyone, but now i can guess what she would be thinking of me.
    I tried to text her a lot but she changed her no. And the email which i sent her got no response.

    Our love life was going well but suddenly everything changed. Now i don’t really know what’s going on in her life. My life is now busy in my work. And this is how the STORY stopped.

    Being a man i can understand, but still i will advice you, if you feel that, if that guy is good, you can consider giving him.

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